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Chloe Wine Collection - She Directed

Brands are all seeking the same thing - consumer loyalty. Although it's becoming tougher in a noisy environment full of cynics no longer easily motivated by transactional loyalty devices... yeah, I'm looking at you loyalty programs. People seek from brands what they desire out of their most trusted relationships - purpose. That you know who you are and what impact you make in peoples' lives.


We've been working with the Chloe brand for years. A brand with tremendous potential inhibiting both style and substance value well above its weight class. We helped craft a strategy to integrate the brand in the elegant arena of film which served as a great fit. However the brand struggled to find its place within film culture, feeling more at home with the superficial glamour of the red carpet than authentic storytelling spaces best suited for endemic wine brands such as Francis Ford Coppola's winery. So we challenged ourselves to find Chloe's place in film by first defining her purpose.
As a female centric wine brand developed by a supremely talented female winemaker, we saw a need within film that aligned with Chloe's value of elevating women. Given the harsh reality of only 7.3% of feature films being either written or directed by women, we developed a strategy for Chloe to partner with Women in Film in the mission to elevate women storytellers. It was through this new found purpose that Chloe validated its reason for being in film and made a true memorable connection with fans based on a shared belief of equality.



As an elegant brand, it was important to approach Experiential with a delicate balance of the glamour the brand has built its reputation on, supported by showcasing Chloe's purpose for women's equality within film. Therefore we chose to activate a fully integrated Experiential strategy at one of Women in Film's premiere events, their annual Pre-Oscar's Party. We designed an experience within the party focused on leveraging the extremely influential audience's ability to amplify Chloe's story. We created an exquisite wine experience accentuated by engaging share worthy moments broadcasting Chloe's mission to elevate female storytellers and launch Chloe's "SHE DIRECTED" mentorship and grant initiative with the help of Kate Bosworth.
The story lit up the airwaves with tons of impressions thanks to a supported media strategy inclusive of the right influencers, WIF communications, combined with paid, earned and owned storytelling. We continued the momentum of the SHE DIRECTED campaign by activating multiple local / regional film festival sponsorships and sharing Chloe's mission with local film fans. People finally have a reason to believe in Chloe, serving as a foundation for a long and fruitful relationship.


  • Developed the rational to evolve the brand's relationship in film with a more purposeful narrative.

  • Through insights, data and intrinsic brand truths, developed the brand's strategic approach inclusive of partnership alignment with WIF.

  • Developed a comprehensive activation plan for the calendar year inclusive of a multi-pronged and integrated approach.

  • Led a multi-agency cross-functional team of PR, digital, and media in a integrated effort to create a cohesive and consistent campaign execution.

  • Oversight of the detailed engagement design of the experience inclusive of environment design.

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