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Gatorade Bode[G]a

Sometimes to shout, it's best to whisper. When Gatorade asks you to create a story infusing their 3 key pillars in the sports world: Science, Sweat and Sports Culture... you give them a speakeasy bodega of course.


It's counterintuitive I know, but giving the community of performance enthusiasts and sports culture cravers the social currency they seek through an insider's speakeasy was exactly what lit fans fire. Gatorade open the "G-Store New York Pop-up" to demonstrate the full breadth of its product portfolio and take visitors on a journey through three key pillars of the sports world: Science, Sweat and Sports Culture.
PR supported by securing more than 20 media RSVPs for the two-day event. During a media preview, PR guided reporters from outlets such as Complex, Bleacher Report

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 3.37.13 PM.png


What looks, feels, and smells like an authentic NYC Bodega is anything but. This is the Bode[G]a. Where your average assortment of junk food, sugary sodas, and wandering cats are nowhere to be found. In its place, a wall-to-wall testament to sports science where guests can uncover and explore every aspect of Gatorade's complete product offering through a range of interactive displays and innovative AR retail tech.
And just as guests go to grab their favorite flavor from the G-fridge, a whole new world opens before their eyes. For behind those faux fridge doors is an entrance to a secret, influencer-only stock room like they've never seen before. Here, special guests can explore sports culture ranging from intimate training sessions, sports science innovation and even the latest threads inspired by sports custom made for guests onsite.


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