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Mexican National Team - The Batalla Viewing Party

Soccer United Marketing (SUM), the marketing arm of the Mexican National Team (MNT) was looking to create their very own ultimate watch party, celebrating the long standing rivalry between Mexico and the United States. They turned to us to ensure it was a must attend event.


The goal was simple: give the American based El Tri the ultimate viewing party experience, providing access and value for sponsors to engage with one of the most passionate hispanic communities in the US. To get fans to make the drive in crazy LA, meant creating a culturally rich, authentic party for the ages. A party in which we were responsible for it all: branding, promotion, site procurement, event design, fan engagement, talent, sponsor integration and management, security... on and on.
We could build the best event in the world, but if fans didn't buy the cool factor during the promotion phase, we'd have wasted our time. So we started with two key cultural insights. First, most of the MNT players' names translate to an actual item. For example, Vela means candle and Chicharito means green peas. Second, many Americans with Mexican roots have a nostalgic fondness to the traditional game Loteria, which is akin to our bingo card game only much cooler. We used these insights to create the most authentically cool design language for the event and promotional communications. The buzz for the event went through the roof and our party was on!



Unfortunately SUM was late to the party and many of the premiere venues had already been snagged, making venue selection doubly challenging. Given this was a battle after all, we wanted a cool, centrally located venue that matched the urban edge that would resonate with our audience. We found it in a 25,000'ft indoor/outdoor loft space located within the hip LA Arts District.
We carried the purposeful gritty look and feel throughout the event with unique touches like using cheap inner lit massive industrial water ballasts to define the perimeters giving the space dimensional shape. The event was filled with tons to do including live stage entertainment and music, raw oversized social games like Jenga and Connect Four, and incredible street fare from some of LA's best food trucks. Massive screens both outdoors and indoors showcased the pivotal match with plenty of comfy communal seating. Multiple brands were naturally woven into the event experience so as to ensure their presence was valued versus simply left to branding. Live social video boards broadcasted everyone's fun real-time using a dedicated hashtag. This instant social gratification ensured that the event's excitement reached far beyond the event itself.
The party was an incredible success, so much so, that SUM now has plans to scale and replicate the model for many future marquee matches.


  • Responsible for ensuring the proper authentic multi-cultural design and communication approach was executed.

  • Collaboratively art directed the design language of the event with support of Gravity.

  • Supported the venue selection process to ensure the proper location fit the event profile while also logistically sound.

  • Concept and design of all sponsor integration opportunities.

  • Directed all engagement design for the party inclusive of interactives, entertainment, content, social programming, etc.

  • Articulated the event plan including supportive 3D environmental design images, to be used internally at SUM and shared with partnering brands.

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